1.03.23 FAQ’s On Self Drillers For Thick Steel, Extra Long SDS MAX Bits & MC Stacker

FAQ On Self Drillers For Thick Steel

We sell a bunch of self drilling screws each month and we receive a bunch of questions as well.  Below are answers to a few of the most common questions.

How much thread is there on the screw?

  • On a #5 point, the one that will drill up to 1/2″ thick steel, the drill point is about 3/4″ of an inch before you reach full thread engagement.
Do I need to pre drill?
  • On most standard steel, no, the drill point should handle it.
My steel is thicker than 1/2″, is there an option?
  • Sorry, no.  1/2″ is the limit.  After 1/2″ the screw will bind up and usually snap.
What is the best screw for fastening 2×4’s to steel?
  • Our 1/40-20 flat head self driller with wings is what we recommend.  The screw has a #4 point so it’s drill capacity is steel is limited to 3/8″.  The wings clean out the wood and then snap off when you hit steel.  We offer them in an exterior coated version and a stainless steel version.
Do you ship to Canada?

Extra Long SDS MAX Bits, Up To 66″

Looking for a super long SDS MAX hammer bit?  How about a 66″ long bit!  We have them in both 3/4″ and 1″ diameters.  We do have more common longer length bits as well like 5/8″ x 36″.  You may not need them often but when you do we can help.  Check size and stock here.

The new MC Stacker is a simple way to install mc cable and armored fiber cable.  Add your choice of attachment to the 1/4-20 thread and drop your cable in.  Learn more here.

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