2.06.23 DeWalt Stick E System, Arlington Loops & The Two Most Expensive Fasteners In The World

DeWalt Stick E Probe System


The DeWalt DCN980 battery operated tool is a great tool.  Add the Sticke E contact probe and the tool can do so much more!  It’s easy to install, check out the video and start using the tool to install emt clips, ceiling clips, lathing discs, rod hangers and more!


Arlington Loops In Stock

It’s been a rocky couple of years for the Arlington Loop supply wise.  We think they are turning the corner and we do have stock.  Don’t forget to check out our complete line of cable supports including pre assembled hangers and even color coded j hooks.

We have seen a huge jump in our beam clamp and hammer on flange clip sales.  Why?  Well we really aren’t sure.  Our beam clamps have always had a great price point for a well built readily available product but it really isn’t easy to sell someone on beam clamps, they have to find you.  Check our pricing and selection and do some quick math.  Our easy online ordering process makes ordering and reordering a breeze.

The 2 Most Expensive Anchors In The World

Are you using the most expensive anchors  in the world on your install?  You may have some on your shelf right now.   One of them I know you don’t have.  What are they?
  1. The wrong fastener.
  2. The fastener you need but don’t have.
Read more on our blog site and hopefully it will keep you from using these super expensive types of fasteners more than necessary!  It’s an easy read and I think it makes a couple of key points that will impact how and what you buy.

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