2.16.22 Perma-Grip Bulk, Sample J Hooks, Chuck Extender, J Hooks For Ramset & Hilti Tools

Perma Grip Anchors In Bulk

We’ve just added bulk packaging to the Perma Grip Anchor line.  These are favorites of our local guys for fastening anything from track to 2 x 4 material to block, brick and concrete.  Just drill a 3/16″ hole and slam it home.  Check out the video here.  If you would like a sample, click here and fill out our sample request form.

Request Samples

If youy have been thinking of trying one of our products but want to see it first, fill out our sample request form.  This is a great way to compare our j hooks, or give our self drillers and Perma Grip anchors a try. While we can’t honor all requests for samples, we will do our best!  Samples are limited to business requests only.  

White J Hooks

From time to time we get requests for white J Hooks.  While we don’t sell a white J Hook per se, the HPH is a nice option for open ceilings.  Check out the images.   While you can see the metal of the j hook from underneath, the majority of the hook is white.  In open ceiling environment, this may be great option rather than trying to source a white hook or paint your own.  Click on the image to see more including options.  Click here to request a sample.

Chuck Extenders

The CE-6 and CE-12 Chuck extender can help you make quick work of drilling and fastening overhead from the floor.  The CE-2 at 27.5 inches is the perfect length for drilling and fastening to the floor with out bending over!  Applications include driving screws into decks including trailers and subfloors as well drilling holes for cast in place anchors.  See more including the video here.

Shooter J Hooks For Ramset & Hilti Tools

Our shooter j hooks are the fastest way to fasten a j hook to the concrete deck.  The balistic point pin in the ceiling clip increases stick rates and fits most Hilit, Ramset, Simpson & DeWalt powder actuated tools.  We will be offering them for gas and battery tools shortly.  We will keep you posted!  Click on the image for more info or click here to request a sample.

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