3.01.22 Color J Hooks, Trakfast Fuel Cells, Insulation Pins For Ramset & Hilti Tools

New Color Choices For J Hooks

Now available, color choices for HPH J hooks.  We are now offering the HPH J Hook in Black, Blue & Red in addition to the standard white version.  The black HPH is a great option for blacked out ceilings.  While you can still see the silver back bone of the j hook, it may  be an option for you when your customer prefers a black j hook.  Also available in red and blue.  The most popular red hook is the HPH16WR.  This little 1″ j hook with the “bat wing” or multi clip will grab on to grid wire or 1/4″ rod.  Very popular with fire alarm  and life safety systems.  You can learn more here.

Insualtion Pins For Ramset, Hilti & Other Powder Tools

Insulation pins for shooting foam to concrete have a larger washer to provide a better bearing area for the foam.  To select the proper pin, just add 1″ to your foam thickness.  So for 2″ foam, a 3″ insulation pin will do the trick.  Start with low power and work your way up to prevent overdrive.  Available in 1-1/2″, 2″,3″ and 4″ lengths.  You can find them here.

Fuel, Batteries, Chargers & More For The Trafkast Line Of Tools

The Ramset Trakfast tool pioneered gas powered technology for shooting to concrete.  Whether you have the TF1200 magazine tool or one of the single shot tools, T3SS or T4SS.  We have the accessories to keep you fastening..

Lenox Ship Auger Inventory Reduction

We have added an assortment of top quality Lenox ship auger bits to our clearance and overstock page.  Some of the packaging is a little beat up from riding in our delivery vans for a bit, but they are top quality new bits at a great price.  Limited to supply on hand.  You can see them here.

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