3.07.23 Choosing Correct Pin For Ramset & Hilti

Choosing The Correct Pin For Hilti & Ramset Tools

Choosing the correct pin for your Ramset, Hilti, DeWalt or Simpson PAT is really a simple formula.  Watch the video and please subscribe to our YouTube Channel while you are at it.  Find the pins online here.

Ramset SP58TH For Shooting Thin Metal To Steel

5/8″ Nail for Ramset, Hilti Tools Shoot Thin Metal To Steel, Box of 100.  This is the ideal pin for fastening thin metal to steel.  Use for fastening drywall track, electrical boxes and more.  The pins is designed specifically for steel work and features a ballistic point.  The “top hat” absorbs any slop you may have.  You can find them with the rest of our pins for your powder actuated tools here.

New Octane Safety Glasses

Our favorite safety glasses have been discontinued so we had to do a little research and found something our guys like even more!  The ERB Octane glasses are super comfortable, anti-fog and come with a lanyard.  All of our safety gear can be mixed and matched for better pricing.

Back In Stock!

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