3.30.22 Tie Your Own Ceiling Wire, Extra Long SDS Bits, Eye Lag Pole Parts, Red J Hooks

Tie Your Own Ceiling Grid Wires

We sell thousands of pre tied ceiling grid wires each week.  Many are sold locally but we do ship them as well.  The challenge is always the shipping charges.  With our hand wire twister, you can tie what you want when you want.  When I used to tie with a twister like this I could do 400 pieces an hour fairly easily once I got good at it.  It’s a great  side gig for a kid, just pay him by the piece and you will have plenty of tied wires.  We sell the twister and the clips, you will have to source your bare wire locally.  Check out the video.

Accessories & Replacement Parts For The Lagmaster & Purlin Master

We sell a bunch of the Lagmaster Plus & Purlin Master tools each year.  If you need parts or accessories for the tools, we have them.  Many of the parts will work with the Sammy Speedy poles and the retro kit will convert standard Lagmaster to a plus.

Super Long Hammser Drill Bits

We stock the longest avaiable hammer drill bits for SDS rotary hammers.  How long?  Well we have a 1/2″ that will drill 36″!   These really are one of those things you should have on hand.  You don’t need them all the time but when you do, they are a lifesaver.  See available sizes here.

Red Cable Hangers For Alarm Work

We now offer the HPH series of J hooks in white, black, blue and red.  The red are starting to find a nice home with fire alarm system and life safety system contractors.  Avaiable plain or with a clip to grab on grid wire or 1/4″ rod.  See the video here.

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