4.26.22 STIFFY PAT Tool, Shooter J Hooks For Hilti & Ramset, Magnetic Sockets, Blue J Hooks

The Stiffy Tool For Overhead Fastening.

The Stiffy Tool has been around for years.  If you remember the very first Ramset Viper Tool, you will recognize the Stiffy Tool.  You can read what we like about the tool here, but below are a few key take aways.  Or you can click here to shop and see the video.
  • Time proven design.
  • Lighweight weight and compact.
  • Super easy to service in the field.
  • Mounts to telescopic pole tool.
  • Optional nosepiece for shooting timber pins.

Shooter J Hooks For Ramset & Hilti Tools

We’ve been selling our shooter j hooks for some time now. It’s the fastest way to install a j hook tight to the ceilling.  Bang, your j hook is mounted.  The JH12SPC78 and the JH32SPC78 are designed for use in powder actuated tools from Ramset, Hilti and others.  We also have a new version for use in single shot gas tools like the Ramset T3SS & T4SS.  See part number JH1234CLIP & JH3234CLIP.  The j hooks are UL listed and the pins are quality pins for improved stick rate.  Replacement clips are avialable as well.  If you are curious if the will fit your tool, use our sample request form and we will send a couple out.Be sure and let us know what tool you have.  Shop them here.

We have started adding the Vega line of bit holders, tips and drivers to our site.  We stock standard sizes along with some long versions of nutsetters and bit holders.  These are quality products that we sell face to face each day to our local contractors.  Believe me, if the Vega line didn’t meet their high standards, they wouldn’t be shy about telling us!  You can see what we have listed here, more to come soon!

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