4.26.23 50 Piece Bit Tip Kit & A Few New Items

FREE 50 Piece Industrial Bit Tip Kit With Qualifying Order

Place a $350 order and receive a free Vega V50-1P Industrial Driver Set.  These handy little sets should be in every tool kit.  This is the one I decided to steal for my self for my home shop!  You may want to add several to your order to spread around to you field guys.  The one thing I have always like about these little kits is I know when I haven’t put my bit back and I go find it.  Vega is our main supplier for bit tips and drivers.  Always a quality product.  No coupon necessary, free product will be added automatically to order at checkout.  Limit  of one, offer ends 5/5/23

A Few New Items

We are always adding little items here and there.  Sometimes it is just simple little things that aren’t that exciting but are often times just the little part you have been looking for.  First thing we have some great pricing on 1/4″ SDS bits in both 2″ and 4″ drill depth.  Second we have added a 12 x 3/4″ standard hex self drill screw and a 2″ Stainless Self Driller for steel up to 1/2″.  And of course the bit kit mentioned above Click the respective images below for more info.

Perma-Grip Now Available In Bulk

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