5.17.23 Three Eye Lag Pole Choices, 3/8″ All Thread Hanger, STIFFY PAT Tool, 1/4″ Cut Rod

Our Three Eye Lag Pole Choices

We now offer 3 different types of eye lag poles.  All three are a bit different so which one is the right one for you?  The Standard Lagmaster is designed for basic eye lag installation.  We offer the pole several sizes and configurations.  This is the pole if you are only going to do eye lags.  It is also the least expensive.  The Purlin Master pole tool has two plugs one for installing and tying bar joist and purlin clips and another for doing eye lags as well.  The final eye lag pole is the Lagmaster Plus. This eye lag pole comes with a head for eye lags plus a kit of other interchangeable heads for the STIFFY tool, Sammy Screws and more.  Replacement parts for all three tools are readily available and listed on the site for you.

Install 3/8″ Rod With Your PAT Or Gas Tool

The Ramset 38TRHSS clip allows you to install 3/8″ threaded rod using a PAT from Ramset, Hilti, DeWalt, Simpson and others.  This clip is also designed for use with single shot gas tools like the Ramset T3SS and T4SS.  While you won’t have the same high pullout values as a drop in anchor, many times the 38TRHSS clip will fit the bill.  See more here along with a link to performance data.


The STIFFY Tool is the perfect match for the Lagmaster Plus eye lag pole.  Simply change your head on the Lagmaster Plus and mount the STIFFY PAT tool and you have a telescopic ceiling tool.  Watch the video for  more info.

1/4″ Rod In Short Lengths

Cutting threaded rod for suspending j hooks, lighting and more can be a real hassle.  We now stock 1/4-20 all thread in 12″, 24″ and 36″ lengths.  Keep a couple sizes on hand to make your install a little easier.   See them here.

A Few New Items

We are always adding little items here and there.  Sometimes it is just simple little things that aren’t that exciting but are often times just the little part you have been looking for.  First thing we have some great pricing on 1/4″ SDS bits in both 2″ and 4″ drill depth.  Second we have added a 12 x 3/4″ standard hex self drill screw and a 2″ Stainless Self Driller for steel up to 1/2″.  And of course the bit kit mentioned above Click the respective images below for more info.

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