6.07.22 Smile, Perma-Grip Concrete Anchors, Long Length Drivers, Flat Head Self Drills


There is so much stress, even in something as boring as fastener sales.  Sometimes you have to take a pause, relax and have a little fun.  We have always found it best to take a low key approach where we can.  Here you see one of our top guys, Shannon really hitting it hard promoting the business.  Some days he rocks faster than others, not sure how long he can keep up this pace up though.

Hope the GIF gives you a little chuckle.  We will continue to do our best ot make your project run a little smoother by offering the right time saving products delivered to you quickly.  Hopefully that will give you a reason to smile.

Why Are Perma Grip Sales On The Rise?

We are continuing to see good growth in the sale of the Perma-Grip Anchor.  Why?  Simply put they are easy, fast and secure.  For years they have been a mainstay for us in the midwest but more and more contractors are trying out these great little anchors around the country. The 2-1/2″ are our top sellfer for 2x material to concrete. Want to give them a try? Fill out our sample request form and we will get you a handful to try.

     Long Length Drivers

We are working on adding more to our Magnetic Nut Driver/Bit Tip page. We sell a good portion of our drivers off of our showroom as they are one of those things you use all them time but you don’t think of them until you see them or worse don’t have them on hand.  We have standard length and now the 6″ length as well online.  They ship free via USPS or you can choose other options at checkout.

Flat Self Drillers

Another addition is to our longer length self drillers.  We have added #14 flat self drillers in 3-1/2″ and 4″ lengths.  You can check them out here.

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