6.21.2023 Bosch GB18V-12 Battery Concrete/Steel Nailer

New Bosch GNB18V-12 Battery Concrete Steel Nailer

Bosch has joined Hilti & DeWalt in the battery powered concrete nailer market.  The GNB18V-12 offers a few twists that you should know about.  Like the other battery concrete nailers, the Bosch uses just an 18V battery, no fuel cells.  Like the other tools, Bosch offers a  collated pin for the tool in sizes from 1/2″ up to 1-1/2″.   Now here is where it gets interesting.  The Bosch tool can switch to single shot mode and accepts standard powder actuated and gas pins including ceiling clips, tie wrap mounts, EMT clips, studs and more.  Another interesting thing with the tool  is the fact that it is an open system meaning it will shoot competitors pins.  Bosch doesn’t have a list but we are working on that.  I just had a customer that wants to use a battery concrete nailer on a job requiring fasteners made in the USA.  We were able to shoot the FPP series of Ramset Trakfast pins (made In USA) through the tool.  What’s more is he is now able to switch to the single shot magazine and probe and shoot up ceiling clips.  Very cool.  Available in a kit an bare tool.  Learn more here.

Clarification On Drop In Anchors

We went through our drop in anchor category and made a few changes that hopefully will help you select the correct drop in anchor, set tool and bit.  We have broken the drop in anchor section into three categories, standard, shallow and hollow drop ins.  We hope it makes selection a little easier!

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