The MagDaddy 62452 Magnetic Hook and Loop Mount allows you to quickly install hook and loop for cable support and management to metal structure. The strong magnet has a direct pull off of up to 15 lbs which is more than enough to support small runs. The MagDaddy 62452 is wide enough to handle up to 3/4″ hook and loop and is UL listed as well as plenum rated.


Yes we carry hook and loop and no it’s not Velcro! You can check out the video below put out by Velcro that explains it with a good laugh! Now let’s talk about our hook and loop. We offer it it black, blue and white in both 1/2″ and 3/4″ widths. The rolls are 75′ in length. The advantage of hook and loop in a roll versus a a pre cut strap is flexibility. You cut just what you need, no more. There are many applications where a standard 8″ strap will just come up short, or long for that matter.


DeWalt DCN890P2 Battery Concrete/Steel Nailer & Supplies. The DeWalt DCN890P2 tool is a cordless battery operated nail gun to fasten to concrete and steel. This system offers several advantages over powder actuated and gas operated concrete nailers. The DCN890P2 works without powder charges or fuel cells for clean efficient operation

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