The Vortex series of drill bits from Norseman have a few unique features that you may find helpful in your install and fabricating work.  The most noticeable feature of the bits it the point.  The step shank point serves a few purposes.  First off the shape reduces friction and thus heat which increases tool  life.  Norseman is claiming the bits can last up to four times longer than standard bits.  The tip is also useful when enlarging existing holes.  The bit will center nicely and drill through without damaging the tip of the drill bit.  The step on the smaller bits, say 1/8″ and under is hard to notice so not sure if it is a benefit at the smaller size.   The Norseman Vortex Drill Bits are recommended for cast iron, brass, sheet metal, acrylic, mild steel, copper, and hard steel.  I have heard from a few of our customers that the bits do a nice job on stainless steel as well.

Norseman Vortex Drill Bit Indexes

Norseman Vortex Drill Bits are available on our site as single bits as well as in a couple of different drill bit indexes.  The most popular is the bigger 29 piece set that goes from 1/16″ to 1/2″ by 64ths, part number 22913.  The real draw to the bigger index is the index itself.  One, the blaze orange is easy to find.  Second the Ultra Dex cases from Norseman offer a real advantage over the metal bit index.  They don’t dent or rust like the metal indexes and it is so much easier to get the bits out.  The index seals up tight and has a rubber gasket to keep debris and moister out.  We do stock the smaller 21 piece index as well with sizes 1/16″ to 3/8″ x 64ths.  Most of our customers are buying the 29 piece and then replacing common single bits as necessary.  As for the price; yes they are more expensive than a standard bit, but those that have bought the bits come back for more!  Norseman has always made top quality cutting tools right here in the USA and the Vortex line of bits is no exception.


You may be familiar with the Rack A Tiers cable dispenser.  These handly little spool supports have been around for years and are favorite of many tradesman in the electrical, security and voice/data fields.  They are super simple and knock down to an easy to store rack, especially important as many service vehicles get smaller and smaller.  But there is so much more to the Rack A Tier line of products.  Their catalog is worth a look for not only some standard tools like fish tapes, fish sticks, benders and drivers but some other really cool items.  For instance, the dust bowl.  A simple flexible bowl that catches debris as you drill overhead.  Or the Ferret Pro camera that will mount on a pull rod to help you see what you are dealing with in confined areas.  The Bumper Balls I didn’t quite grasp until I saw an image of just what they do.  They keep your flexible bits where they belong inside the wall!  A simple but affective solution.

Now I will admit, some of the items in the catalog just don’t do it for me or seem like they are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.  Still, the catalog is worth a look through.  We will be stocking some basic Rack A Tiers items on our website and will add as the demand is there.  Browse through the Rack A Tiers PDF catalog below and let us know if there is something we can help you with.

Rack A Tier Catalog
Click to view.


If you have an SDS rotary hammer drill and you are looking to drill core holes in masonry, check out the Bosch Speed Core System.  The Bosch Speed core is a two piece system.  First choose the core size you would like to drill.  The cores are available in sizes starting at 1″ and go as large as 4-3/8″.  The cores have a thinner wall than what you would find on a larger SDS MAX core bit.  This creates less resistance and helps the smaller hammer power them.  You will also need to purchas a shank.  The shank has a built in starter bit and you simply screw the core onto the shank.  You can actually unscrew the core and add a different size core.  So in theory, you could have several different core sizes with just the one shank.

A couple of simple things to keep in mind when you are using an SDS core bit.  SDS Rotary hammers have a clutch to protect the user from injury.  If the bit were to bind up in the concrete, the tool will clutch out rather than throw the user off a ladder or injur them.  So if you are using larger size cores, be sure to work slow and let the tool do the work.  It’s a good idea to use an anti seize compound on the threads as after a while, it can be really hard to get the core back off the shank.  Some contractors will use a piece of copper cable wrapped around the shank between the core and where it contacts the shank to make it easier to remove.

What are a few of the applications for using a core bit on your SDS rotary hammer?  The obvious use would be running pipe through a wall and that is one reason we sell a good amount of the 2-9/16″ size that works well for installing 2″ EMT.  Another common use is for drilling holes in slabs for setting railing in concrete.  Certainly there are many more applications.  If you have ever had to drill a bunch of small holes in a wall and then punch out the concrete, you can see how valuable a product

The Relton GRT-3-4 Groo-V carbide tip bits are one of our top selling carbide bits.  They are in such high demand that we have had trouble keeping them in stock.  Many times we get a huge shipment and have sold out in days.  The GRT-3-4 bits are one of the best bits we have found for drilling into hard materials like porcelain, ceramic tiles, marble, brick and other masonry materials.  The grooved, high quality  carbide tip makes this one of the best bits for difficult situations.

The bit can be used in hammer mode or in rotation only mode.  We have had some applications where the bit was used in rotation mode rather than a standard SDS bit as it was simply that much quieter than the pounding of a SDS hammer.  The Relgton Groo-V bits are availalbe in other sizes.  The GRT-3-4 is the most common followed by the GRT-4-4 bit.  5/16″ and 3/8″ are also available.  The biggest challenge we have run into with the bit is keeping enough in stock.  The manufacturing process used on these bits is somewhat tedious.  We have tried other bits from several suppliers but they simply aren’t the same.  How do we know?  We sell to contractors face to face everyday and they have told us in no uncertain terms, they want the Relton Groo-V bits!  Currently we offer the Relton GRT-3-4 and GRT-4-4 online at our ebay outlet store.  Buy an extra pack and order early!

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