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The Hilti ® SD5000-A22 Screw Gun is cordless drywall screw gun typically used for attaching drywall to metal and wood studs.  Adding a magazine and collated screws can really increase the speed of the tool.  Typically a seasoned drywaller will scoff at collated screw guns but they have their place.  There are times when you simply don’t have both hands available to load screws until you are tacked off.  One of those times maybe overhead.  If you are looking to make your Hilti SD5000-A22 screw gun even more useful, check out the SGP Screw Gun Pole.  The tool is designed to reduce common fatigue from overhead drywall installation, in particular your neck and shoulders.  Check out the flyer below or click here to learn more and see a short video of the tool in action.


You may be familiar with the Rack A Tiers cable dispenser.  These handly little spool supports have been around for years and are favorite of many tradesman in the electrical, security and voice/data fields.  They are super simple and knock down to an easy to store rack, especially important as many service vehicles get smaller and smaller.  But there is so much more to the Rack A Tier line of products.  Their catalog is worth a look for not only some standard tools like fish tapes, fish sticks, benders and drivers but some other really cool items.  For instance, the dust bowl.  A simple flexible bowl that catches debris as you drill overhead.  Or the Ferret Pro camera that will mount on a pull rod to help you see what you are dealing with in confined areas.  The Bumper Balls I didn’t quite grasp until I saw an image of just what they do.  They keep your flexible bits where they belong inside the wall!  A simple but affective solution.

Now I will admit, some of the items in the catalog just don’t do it for me or seem like they are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.  Still, the catalog is worth a look through.  We will be stocking some basic Rack A Tiers items on our website and will add as the demand is there.  Browse through the Rack A Tiers PDF catalog below and let us know if there is something we can help you with.

Rack A Tier Catalog
Click to view.


Most cordless tool manufactures are offering a cordless band saw tool kit now.  While some of the smaller units are great for cutting strut ladder rack, rod and small pipe sometimes you need something a little bigger.  The DeWalt deep cut cordless bandsaw offers a 20 volt unit that will cut up to 5”.  This makes it perfect for cutting 4” EMT, schedule 40 PVC up to 4” and more.   These deep cut saws are more money yes but they simply can do more and do it more efficiently.   Consider the blade for instance.  The deep cut DeWalt uses a 44-7/8”  .20 blade.  One complaint we here on the smaller saws is the blade don’t last that long.  Well that is true; the blade is shorter so the teeth have to cut more material each revolution.  Add to that the smaller diameter of the wheels that the blades are turning around and it’s just harder on the blade.  To give you an idea of the blade size, 44-7/8” is the size most cordless portable band saws use.

DeWalt Deep Cut Band Saw
Available at Amazon

You can buy the saw as a kit or as a bare tool if you already have a stack of DeWalt 20 volt batteries lying around.  While we are on the subject of batteries, keep in mind cordless band saws tend to suck a lot of juice.  If you have an option on battery size, lean toward the larger mah battery packs.  Remember while voltage represents power, mah is you gas tank.  So a 2.0 mah battery will give you the same amount of power as an 8.0 mah battery but the 8.0 will run much longer.

If you have been thinking about a cordless band saw, make sure you consider a deep cut like the one DeWalt offers.  They are a little more but when you come up a little bigger cut, you will be glad you did!

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