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The Relton GRT-3-4 Groo-V carbide tip bits are one of our top selling carbide bits.  They are in such high demand that we have had trouble keeping them in stock.  Many times we get a huge shipment and have sold out in days.  The GRT-3-4 bits are one of the best bits we have found for drilling into hard materials like porcelain, ceramic tiles, marble, brick and other masonry materials.  The grooved, high quality  carbide tip makes this one of the best bits for difficult situations.

The bit can be used in hammer mode or in rotation only mode.  We have had some applications where the bit was used in rotation mode rather than a standard SDS bit as it was simply that much quieter than the pounding of a SDS hammer.  The Relgton Groo-V bits are availalbe in other sizes.  The GRT-3-4 is the most common followed by the GRT-4-4 bit.  5/16″ and 3/8″ are also available.  The biggest challenge we have run into with the bit is keeping enough in stock.  The manufacturing process used on these bits is somewhat tedious.  We have tried other bits from several suppliers but they simply aren’t the same.  How do we know?  We sell to contractors face to face everyday and they have told us in no uncertain terms, they want the Relton Groo-V bits!  Currently we offer the Relton GRT-3-4 and GRT-4-4 online at our ebay outlet store.  Buy an extra pack and order early!

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