Why use CFS?

Construction Fastening Systems, Inc.

Why use CFS? That is one question we love to answer.  Take a look at our product line for one.  We handle the standard items that you may be able to find at any supplier.  But look a little closer and you will find specialty tools and fasteners designed to solve specific installation problems and scenarios.  Some of these items are exclusive to us while others we assisted with the design process.  These products were developed at our customer’s request to solve specific problems or applications.  The point?  We are always looking and listening for ways to make your job easier.

We deal with contractors every day face to face on the job site.  That’s how it all started (see our first van below). If a product isn’t a good fit, they let us know in no uncertain terms. We view it as our own little market research.  This allows us to find out what works and doesn’t work in the real world, not just in a flyer.

Everyone talks about their customer service, selection and product knowledge.  I can tell you from our growing national customer base,  that it’s true, talk is cheap.  We receive so many calls from customers who are relieved to find someone to talk to and to answer a question for them.  We feel that customer service and product knowledge gives us a real edge over our competition.

Construction Fastening Systems, Inc.

Specialty tools & fasteners for the trades.
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