6.06.23 Long Length PAT Pole Tools, Drop In Clarification

If You Are Looking For An Extension For Your Ramset, Hilti Or Other PAT Tool, Read This First

We sell a lot of extensions for Ramset & Hilti powder actuated tools every month. The standard 6′ poles are easy to ship but when it comes to 8′ or longer, the shipping can be close to $200 alone!  If you need an 8′ or longer pole, please read this blog post.  Often times for just a little more than the price of an 8′ pole with shipping you can set up with the STIFFY PAT tool and a telescopic pole that will go from 4′ to 12′  and still fit in your gang box!  Read the blog post here.

Clarification On Drop In Anchors

We went through our drop in anchor category and made a few changes that hopefully will help you select the correct drop in anchor, set tool and bit.  We have broken the drop in anchor section into three categories, standard, shallow and hollow drop ins.  We hope it makes selection a little easier!

J Hook Samples

If you haven’t given our J-hooks a try yet and would like a sample, visit our sample request page at our blog site.

1/4″ Rod In Short Lengths

Cutting threaded rod for suspending j hooks, lighting and more can be a real hassle.  We now stock 1/4-20 all thread in 12″, 24″ and 36″ lengths.  Keep a couple sizes on hand to make your install a little easier.   See them here.

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