8’-12’ Extension Pole For Ramset & Hilti Powder Actuated Tools


If you are looking to buy an 8’ to 12’ extension  pole to fit your Ramset, Hilti, Simpson or DeWalt powder actuated tool (PAT) please consider an option that will save you money and give you the right tool for the job.  One of the major issues we see with extension poles for PAT tools over 6’ is shipping.  For instance, a 6’ pole extension pole for a Ramset Cobra may cost $50 to ship via UPS or FEDEX whereas the same pole in 8’ can cost $175 plus!  Both poles are lightweight, under 10 lbs but it’s the oversize that makes it so expensive.  So, an 8’ pole will cost you close to $500 or more and may be perfect for one job but not practical for most jobs.  Please ignore the fact that I am a salesman for just a moment and consider what I think is a better option when you need an 8’ extension pole.   Consider the STIFFY PAT tool with a telescopic pole tool.

STIFFY PAT Tool With Telescopic Pole Extension

For just a bit more than what you will pay for an 8’ extension pole with shipping for your Ramset or Hilti tool, you can get the STIFFY PAT tool and a telescopic pole tool that extends from 4’ – 12’.   If you prefer, you can get a 6’-18’ telescopic pole as well.  The STIFFY tool is a .27 caliber strip tool and is designed exclusively for overhead fastening.  In fact, the only real knock on the tool is that it will only shoot up.  The tool is lightweight and very simple to operate and maintain.  If you can work with the 4’-12’ pole, it will collapse and fit in most gang boxes with the tool attached.  One real advantage of the STIFFY/Telescopic pole combo is you don’t’ have a lever to fire the tool.  You simply press the tool against the concrete deck to fasten.  Now picture if you have a fixed length extension pole and your ceiling is just a little shorter.  You may be bending over to fire the tool!

More Advantages Of The Telescopic PAT Pole Tool

The telescopic pole tool that we recommend for the  STIFFY is the Lagmaster Plus.  In addition to fitting the STIFFY PAT tool, the Lagmaster Plus includes interchangeable plugs that allows it to not only fire the STIFFY but you can install eye lags and Sammy Screws with the tool.  Plugs are also included for hex drivers, broom thread and more.  So, with this set up, you can accomplish what you set out to do, fasten to a higher deck and have the ability to perform other tasks as well.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it, my thoughts on a better option than a fixed length 8’-12’ pole tool for your Ramset and Hilti tools.  It is more than just the shipping cost, operationally, a PAT tool on a telescopic extension pole is just a better set up.  With the Stiffy & the Lagmaster Plus, you will have the right tool for the job as well as a one that adapts to whatever you run into on the next project.

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