Vertical Flange Clips For C Purlin And Bar Joists


Vertical flange clips are used for by the trades for suspending ceilings, electrical and cable runs, lighting, signage and more.  There are a couple of different types, this post is will cover the C clip purlin.  A C purlin has a vertical flange that sticks straight up 90 degrees.  The VOH14 C Purlin Clip will work on C purlins of up to 1/4″ as well as the vertical flange on a bar joist up to 1/4″ thick.  Applications for a c purlin clip include suspending cable, j hooks, grid wire, jack chain and more.  You have a couple of installation options to consider including options to install the clip from the floor.  There are even installation options that will allow you to install the clip and tie ceiling grid wire to the clip while installing the clip, all from the floor.

C Purlin Clips

Installing The C Purlin Clip

Installing a C purlin clip can be as easy as placing the clip over the flange and hammering it on.  The real beauty of a c purlin clip though is being able to install the clip from the floor.  I can’t tell you how many thousands of c purlin clips pre tied to ceiling grid wire we have sold allowing installers to install cable runs and more from the floor or even a more manageable lift height.  Installing the clip from the floor is made easy with a simple installation tool, part number HOIT-AL  You basically attach the installation tool to the end of a 1/2″ EMT with a 1/2″ set screw connector and you have a 10′ extension.  You can couple two pieces of EMT if you have to.  The other option is to mount the installation tool on a telescopic pole tool.  The video below on the left will give a quick run through of the way it works.  Now if you want to see something really cool.  Check out the Purlin Master Plus Tool.  This handy little tool will not only set the c purlin clip but it will twist ceiling grid wire on it for you!  The video on the right show how the tool works.

Installing C Purlin Clip With HOIT-AL Tool

Installing C Purlin Clip With Purlin Master Tool

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