Installing 3/8″ Studs Into Concrete With A Hilti Or DeWalt Powder Actuated Tool


Lately we have received a few calls about 3/8″ stud guns for installing 3/8″ studs into concrete and steel so I wanted to create a little post about the tools.  Installing 3/8″ threaded studs with a powder actuated tool is nothing new but just isn’t as common as it used to be.  It still is the fastest way to suspend 3/8″ rod from concrete.  From a time standpoint, there is no comparison between shooting in a stud vs. drilling in an anchor.  While you may have some noise, it’s a short pop rather than the hammering noise that can last for 20-30 seconds with a rotary hammer.  You also have minimal dust to contend with.  For years the primary users of these types of tools were fire sprinkler installers and electricians but really anyone installing 3/8″ rod from concrete would have use for such a tool.

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What Hilti And DeWalt Tools Shoot 3/8“ Studs?

Hilti still makes a few different tools that will install 3/8″ studs into concrete.  They are quality tools, and you will pay a quality price but they will hold up for years.  For many years the Hilti DX600N was the choice for shooting in 3/8″ studs.  You can still find them on ebay (see below) at a fairly reasonable price and parts are still available as it is a current tool at the time of this post.  This tool would be my preference.  With super heavy spall guard, this tool will do the job and is very well built.  The tool is actually fairly quiet.  DeWalt offers the PA3600 to shoot 3/8″ studs. I don’t have any experience with this tool but I suspect it would have a fair amount of kick as it simply doesn’t have the mass that the DX600N from Hilti has.   It also doesn’t have the heavy duty spall guard that the Hilti does.  A word of caution on the used market:  Many sellers are not quite sure what they are selling.  Some of the Hilti tools have different barrels and spall guards so make sure your are getting a tool that shoots 3/8″ studs.  A good clue is if they specifically say it will or if it has 3/8″ studs with it!

Where To Get The Tools & Supplies

We do stock the 3/8″ studs, loads and rod couplers for 3/8″ tools but we do not stock the tools themselves.  If you want to go with a Hilti tool, your options are Hilti direct or the used market.  If you go the used route, make sure you use a seller that has a good reputation and make certain they will stand behind the tool if it arrives DOA.  As for the DeWalt, it isn’t something that you can pick up at a big box stores but if you search the net for DeWalt P3600 or part number 52010-PWR you can find it.

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