MagDaddy 62452 Magnetic Hook & Loop Mounts

The MagDaddy 62452 Magnetic Hook and Loop Mount allows you to quickly install hook and loop for cable support and management to metal structure. The strong magnet has a direct pull off of up to 15 lbs which is more than enough to support small runs. The MagDaddy 62452 is wide enough to handle up to 3/4″ hook and loop and is UL listed as well as plenum rated. This has to be one of the quickest cleanest ways to manage cable on metal surfaces with the added bonus of being easy to relocate and reuse.

MagDaddy Magnetic Hook & Loop Mount

So where would you use the MagDaddy 62452 hook and loop mount? Think of any application where a beam clamp and j hook just seems like over kill. Don’t forget to include the install time in these instances as well, both on the initial install and any subsequent relocation. They can be an excellent choice inside equipment where the metal is too thin to allow a screw and an adhesive mount could fail. On racks in sensitive areas, you will be able to avoid any metal shavings from self drilling screws.

MagDaddy 62452 Magnetic Hook & Loop Mount

Let’s talk for a moment about aesthetics. These really are cool little magnetic mounts! While there may be other alternatives, the above mentioned uses for the MagDaddy 62452 coupled with the clean look, fit and finish you can achieve with them make them a must have in your install kit. Often times it’s the look of your install that set’s you apart from the other guys and these will definitely add to the tidy look you are trying for.

Currently the MagDaddy 62452 magnetic hook and loop mount is only available in black. A variety of other magnetic mounts are available in white. For instance the smaller mounts for tie wraps are available in white.

Buy a bag of these handy little magnetic hook and loop mounts from MagDaddy and give them a try, you will be glad you did!

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