Red J-Hook Cable Supports For Cable Installation


If you are installing fire alarm cable or other life safety systems, the HPH series of j hooks in red may be just what you are looking for.  These red j-hooks are available 1″ and 2″ sizes and a variety of pre assembled styles.  Espeically popular is the Red HPH 1″ j hook with a multi clip or “bat wing” attached.  These clips will clip on to pencil rod, grid wire and 1/4-20 all thread and stay put.  The built in closure keeps the cable in place and can be reopened to add more cable.  The Red HPH j hook cable supports are UL listed, TIA compliant and approved for use in air handling spaces.  The standard HPH hook in red is a good choice for running the wall.  You can mount them with any number of screws depending on the wall.  The mounting hole in the hook will accept up to 1/4″ standard hardware.  For concrete walls, you can use nailin anchor, blue cones, Tapcon or if you have a Hilti or Ramset tool, you can shoot them up with a pin.  I would go with a 1″ pin with a washer.  If you are mounting direct to the ceiling, the j hooks can be assembled to an angle bracket and the screw or fastener of your choice.

While red j hooks may not be a requirement, they will not only keep you cable separate but will make your install stand out from the others.  Some low voltage contractors who are running multiple systems will utilize the same support rod or wire and split the systems out by color.  Maybe using the blue HPH j hooks for voice and data, a white HPH j hook for sound masking or other applications and then adding the Red HPH j hook for alarm work.

The HPH series of j hooks offers the best fit and finish in the industry and continue to grow in popularity.  If you would like a sample of the Red HPH j-hooks, click here and fill out our sample request form.

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