Choosing The Correct Concrete Fastener

Choosing the correct fastener when fastening to concrete can be much more than preference.  It can be a safety issue.  While some plans or specs may call out a specific fastener, many situations are left up to the contractor to decide what is best.  In most situations, I actually like it when the contractor has some input on what type of fastener to use as I feel when you mix data, experience and the real world, you will always come up with the best fastener.  Certainly when an engineer calls out a certain anchor or fastener, you want to heed the direction.  Many times you will see the note “or proved equal” so you may have a little leeway to choose a different manufacturer than noted.  There are so many applications, conditions, opinions and methods when it comes to fastening to concrete that it can be difficult to know where to start and where to stop for that matter.  Add to that it really depends on the nature of what you are fastening.  So, we will break it down a little bit by anchor type.

Part 1 : Wedge Anchors.For years the go to fasteners for poured concrete were wedge anchors. They offer fast relatively fool proof installations.  Wedge anchors are a pretty straight forward install, drill the hole, blow it out, pound in the anchor and tighten.  Your diameter that you drill is the same ……..CONTINUE READING

Part 2 : Perma Grip Concrete Anchors

Perma Grip Concrete Anchors

Perma-Grip Concrete Anchors For Fastening Lumber To Masonry Material.  For fastening 2x or other material to concrete, block or brick, you may think of Tapcon screws. Another super easy secure alternative fastener for mounting 2x material or other lumber for that matter is the Perma-Grip Concrete anchor.  We have been selling them here in MN for decades,…..CONTINUE READING

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