Perma-Grip Concrete Anchors For Fastening 2X Material

Perma Grip Concrete Anchors

Perma-Grip Concrete Anchors For Fastening Lumber To Masonry Material.  For fastening 2x or other material to concrete, block or brick, you may think of Tapcon screws. Another super easy secure alternative fastener for mounting 2x material or other lumber for that matter is the Perma-Grip Concrete anchor.  We have been selling them here in MN for decades, lot’s of them. They are simple to install.  Just drill a 3/16″ hole about 1″ to an 1-1/2″ past your desired embedment and hammer in.  To determine the correct anchor length, add 3/4″ to an 1″ to your material thickness.  So for a 2 x 4, (1-1/2″) add an inch and you come up with the 2-1/2″ Perma-Grip.  For 3/4″ plywood, you would use a 1-1/2″ etc.  We show lengths of 3″ on our site but they are available much longer so if you are fastening something thicker like foam, we can likely supply the correct length.  It is important to use the correct length for desired pullout and ease of installation.

The most common application we see is any situation where 2x lumber is fastened to concrete.  For large commercial jobs, the 2-1/2″ size is used to fasten 2 x 6 material to the the top of concrete panels.  Perma Grip anchors are also an ideal choice for garage door bucks and window openings.  For multi family structures and basements, you won’t find an easier install than these handy little anchors.  The anchor is covered with an exterior coating making it ok to use with treated lumber and exterior use.

If you are frustrated with Tapcon snapping or stripping (that’s a blog for another day)  Give the Perma Grip anchor a try for fast secure installation.

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