DeWalt DCN8905 Extension Pole For The DCN890P2 Tool


The DeWalt DCN8905 extension pole allows you to install a variety of fasteners from the floor with your DCN890P2 tool.  Most notably you can install ceiling wires to the concrete deck from the floor.  Threaded rod anchors are also available that would allow you to suspend rod from the floor.  The DeWalt battery concrete nailer mounts securely in the end of the pole and is actuated by a lever at the other end.  The pole tool is sectional so it can be assembled in both 3′ and a 6′ configuration.  You could go longer by adding additional 3′ sections but they are not sold separately so you would have to buy another complete pole and rob the section.  Fact of the matter is most of your ceilings can be reached with a 6′ pole and maybe a short ladder if necessary.

While the DCN8905 will certainly save you time on the job, safety is a real added bonus.  Anytime you can keep your guys feet planted on the floor you are better off.  We have been selling extension poles for powder actuated tools for years and they continue to be one of our top sellers for both the time savings and safety factor. Back to the ceiling wires, we do offer pre tied wires as well as the bare clips to fit the DeWalt DCN890P2 tool to really make the most of the extension pole.

Battery concrete nailers are heavy by nature and putting them on the end of an extension pole can be awkward at first, but it is easy to see why a pole tool is a must have accessory for overhead work.  View more info and pricing on the DeWalt DCN8905 Extension Pole.

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