Parts For The Ramset Cobra+ Plus With Silencer


The most common replacement part for your Ramset Cobra+ Plus tool is the piston or driver. That’s the part that drives the pin into the concrete so you can imagine it takes a beating!   It can be a little confusing as you search the web for a piston or drive pin for the tool on line as there has been a total of three versions of the Cobra + and one of the standard tool.  Below you will see a picture with the latest version Cobra+ and what the piston or driver looks like.  If this is your tool, click here to buy a replacement driver on Amazon.

Ramset Cobra+ Plus With Silencer Relacement Driver Piston

The Ramset Cobra+ Plus with silencer is a popular tool for the DYI and small contracotrs.  Designed as a tool for the big box stores it typically isn’t available from some Ramset dealers.  The tool is a .27 caliber strip tool that will shoot up to a 3″ with washer.  The most common size for the tool is a 2-1/2″ pin for fastening 2x material to concrete.   The Cobra+ features power adjustment so in theory you could use red loads and power down to a green.

Extension poles are made for the Ramset Cobra+ as well.  While both 6′ and 8′ are available, stick with the 6′ if you can both for shipping charges and future use.  If you buy an 8′ pole, you may actually find yourself bending over to fire the tool!  You can find the the poles at ConstructionFastening.Net or on our Amazon Store.

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