Direct Fastening Choices, PROS & CONS


What Is Direct Fastening Anyway?

Direct fastening is the process of forcing a stud or nail into concrete and steel.  It is direct in that it eliminates any pre-drilling or tightening to expand an anchor.  The most common form of direct fastening still has to be forcing a pin into concrete to fasten 2x material or metal studs for drywall.

The original form of direct fastening was powder actuated tools like a Ramset or Hilti tool that uses gun powder charges to drive the pin in.  Following that, gas technology came along.  Most gas powered tools are actually internal combustion engines in which the piston drives the pin.  All have a fuel cell and either a battery or other ignition source.  Originally designed for drywall track with a magazine, single shot tools have also been developed that offer a little more versatility.  Lastly we have battery nailers.  Only a handful of manufactures handle them, we handle the DeWalt version.  So here is a brief rundown of pros & cons

  • Powder Actuated Tools For Direct Fastening  
    • PROS.  These tools tend to be the least expensive, lightest weight and supplies are readily available at most big box stores.  They also can develop the most power and are easy to service.  Shop P.A.T. Tools & Supplies
    • CONS.  Certification is required.  It’s very easy on line.  Some jobs do not allow powder actuated tools on site.  They are the loudest of the direct fasteners. Potential overdrive issues.
  • Gas Direct Fastening Tools
    • PROS.  No licensing required.  Tools tend to be a little quieter.  No overdrive issues so ideal for block.  Available with magazines for production work.  Single shot tools to shoot threaded studs straps and more.  Shop GAS Tools & Supplies
    • CONS.  initial cost is higher.  Much heavier than powder actuated tools.  Service is much more complicated.  Tools can require servicing if not used for longer periods of time.  Supplies harder to find.
  • Battery Direct Fastening Tools
    • PROS.  No licensing required.  Tools tend to be a little quieter.  No overdrive issues so ideal for block.  Most have magazines, and specialized probes to you can shoot straps, clips and more.  Shop Battery Direct Fastening
    • CONS.  initial cost is higher.  The heaviest of direct fastening tools.  Most service requires factory service center.  Limited choices on manufactures.
Obviously your applicaticon will play a part in what is the best direct fastning tool for you.  Either way, there is now doubt direct fastening can be one of the fastest ways to fasten to concrete and steel.

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