Extra Long Self Drilling Screws


If you are looking for extra long self drilling screws, often called TEK screws, you know that after about a 2″ length they can be hard to find.  Most big box stores will handle some of the smaller sizes but some applications will call for a longer screw.  For instance, you may be fastening foam to steel or you are going through a void before you hit the steel you need to attach to.  Whatever the case, sometimes you simply need a longer length self driller.  We stock #14 self drillers or TEKS in lengths up to 8″.  Usually with the longer screws you will only find them in #14 diameter.  The drill point is a #3 which has a drill drill capacity .060 – .220.  Correct socket size for the # 14 self driller is 3/8″.    If you are going to thicker steel, say 3/16″ or more you would need a screw with a #5 point.  From time to time we get stock of 10″ screws when we do a mill run.  We have a few customers that buy pallets at a time and so when they order, we add a few cases for our stock but when they sell out, we need to wait for the next big order.  There are a lot of self driller screws online to choose from.  We are proud to offer a top quality self driller you can rely on.  We don’t just sell them online, we sell them face to face to our contractors.  Rest assured, if they don’t like the quality, we will here about it!  We have been supplying these screws for decades.    On our site you will find the longer hex self drill screws set up in packages of 100 or 50 depending on the lengths.  If you have a need for larger quantities, feel free to email us for case or pallet pricing.  Shop our extra long self drillers here.

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