Drill Extension With Chuck For Cordless Drill


The Chuck Extender is a drill extension with a chuck that adds more reach to your cordless drill.  The tool is available in three different lengths.  The  CE-2 is a single stage at 27.5″, the CE-6 is a  two stage that extends from 40.5″ to 64.5″ and the CE-12 is also two stage that extends 77″ to 139.5″ .  While the CE-6 and the CE-12 have obvious overhead applications, the CE-2 drill extension with chuck has a use that you may or may not have thought of.

drill extension with chuckAt 27.5″, the CE-2 Chuck extender is perfect for drilling and or installing screws on the deck.  We have guys using them on standard decks, trailer decks or drilling holes for installing cast in place hangers like the Blue Banger or Flash Four hanger.  Having an extension on your drill with an actual chuck on the end saves a lot of fatigue!

The tool works with a 3/8″ or 1/2″ cordless drill and features a 3/8″ key less chuck on the end.  Any tool that can keep your guy on the floor rather than a ladder, it is a tool worth having.  If you are doing a lot of drilling or screwing on the floor or deck, the Chuck Extender will not only reduce time but for sure it will lower fatigue.  If you would like more info on the Chuck Extender drill extension with chuck, visit our site ConstructionFastening.Net.

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