Quic Stic For Cable Install Work


Quic Stic Cable Install ToolThe Quic Stic pole tool from Doc’s industries is designed as a durable lightweight tool to help you install cable in hard to reach areas.  You will find several kinds of push pull tools on the market as well as fish tapes to help you push, pull and reach your cable.  One of the things that sets the Quic Stic apart is it is a little more robust and is really made to hold up under tough conditions.  Constructed of lightweight fiberglass, the tool comes in at 5 lbs and extends from 6′ up to 16′.  It has 2 opposing heavy duty hooks that will hold up even on more rigorous jobs.  As with any pole tool, make sure of your surroundings when you are working especially when the tool is extended to avoid contact with overhead lines or breakables including light bulbs.

You may only think of a  gopher pole or push pull pole for overhead work, but you will also find in useful for going under things.  The Quic Stic cable install pole tool works great for feeding cable under trailers or through crawl spaces as well.  Sure beats doing the army crawl under a building!  While the pole was designed with pulling cable in mind, it’s tough construction can help in any application where you need to grab and pull something from beyond your reach.  You can order the Quic Stic cable install pole on our e-commerce site ConstructionFastening.net

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