Extension Pole To Fit The Hilti DX-2


Extension Pole For Hilti DX-2 Tool

There is no doubt Hilti makes a quality tool and the Hilti® DX-2 is no exception.  We now offer an extension pole for the Hilti DX-2 powder actuate tool.  The LS460 series extension pole is available in 6′ and 8′ lengths and is a very basic proven design that offers a great price point.  With your Hilti DX-2 mounted in a 6′ extension, you can fasten to ceilings up to 13′ fairly easily.  An 8′ pole tool is available but I really discourage our customers from buying it for two reasons.  First is shipping issues. The 8′ pole crosses a UPS and FEDEX oversize threshold that really shoots up the pricing.  Second is the 8′ foot may work well for one project, but on the next you may find yourself bending over to actuate the tool, no fun.  If you can get by with the 6′, I highly recommend it.

The LS460 pole tool for the Hilti DX-2 is simple to setup.  Mount the tool in the cradle and follow the instructions to adjust cable length and you are set.  The pole tool is built from a  light weight fiberglass, is dielectric, meeting OSHA’s standards.  The tool is actuated by raising the pole tool to the ceiling, compressing the Hilti DX-2 against the work surface and squeezing the lever on the end.

Safety on the site is always a priority and mounting your Hilti DX-2 powder actuated tool to an extension keeps your crew firmly planted on the floor as well as keeping them away from the business end of the gun.  That being said, speed is improved so much with this set up.  It’s no wonder we move so many extension poles!  Another advantage comes up when you have tight quarters on the ceiling.  Many times you just can’t get in between pipes and duct work to fasten to the ceiling.  Now you can.

Now may be a good time to add that if you are using your Hilti DX-2 on an extension pole, what fasteners are you using?  If you are using ceiling clips, check out our selection of pre tied ceiling clips compatible with the tool as well as threaded rod hangers.

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