The Ramset T3SS Single Shot Tool

The Ramset T3SS tool is an alternative to powder actuated tools when fastening into masonry materials.  While powder actuated tools have been the tool of choice for years when fastening into concrete, the T3SS has some advantages, especially for the data comm/security, electrical and mechanical trades.  Let’s take a look at the tool.

TRamset T3SS Toolhe Ramset T3SS tool is a considered a gas tool.  It really is a small internal combustion engine that has a fuel cell, battery and Ramset T3 Cup ignition source, just like your car.  Because it is not powder, the tool does not require an operator’s license.  We are finding more jobs where powder actuated tools are prohibited for one reason or another.  The T3SS steps right in.  The tool is designed in a way that prevents overdrives and therefore makes it an acceptable way to fasten to hollow block with ease.  Unlike powder actuated tools, you do not need to adjust the power or use different color loads.  Fuel cells will do up to 1,000 shots and are sold separately from the pins.  The tool is quieter than powder actuated tools making it a nice choice for fastening in occupied spaces.  For overhead fastening, you can install the T3SS on Ramset T3Cup and pole system.  The tool mounts in the system quickly and securely.  The pole starts at 6′ and you can add 3′ extensions as needed.  The pole is the same pole that is used on the Ramset Viper 4 (less the cup).

A variety of assemblies are available for the Ramset T3SS including ceiling clips, pre tied ceiling clips, tie strap mounts, rod hangers, a variety of EMT clips and clamps,  and 1/4″ studs.  Several pins are available as well including a washer pin that works well for fastening duct work straps to the deck. A magnetic probe for the pins with clamps is also available for the tool.

While initial cost of the Ramset T3SS tool may be higher than a standard powder actuated tool, the tool really does solve a few problems that you will run into on the jobsite.  The time proven technology from Ramset, makes the T3SS a tool that you will want to have in your fleet or at least know about when the challenge arises.

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