Eye Lag Poles For Over Head Fastening


There are several types of eye lag poles designed for installing eye lags into the ceiling.  While originally designed for installing acoustical ceiling grid, eye lag poles are now being used in many trades including electrical, data comm, low voltage and signage.   We currently offer two types of eye lag poles, the Lagmaster Plus and the Purlin Master.  So what’s the difference?  The Lagmaster Plus not only installs eye lags and ties the grid wire in place but has a small kit of interchangeable heads that can be switched out.  Heads included will install Sammy Screws & Vertigo type anchors (with the threaded rod installed), a head to mount bar joist install tools, a head that will accept 1/4″ socket drivers, a head for shooting the older Ramset Viper, Stiffy 3 & Powers (now DeWalt) Sniper P.A.T. tool.  The main feature of this version of the eye lag pole is that not only can you do eye lags but also Sammy Screw type anchors, a nice choice for electricians.

The Purlin Master is more bent towards just hanging wire.  The tool comes with the head for installing eye lags as well as what is called a Purlin head.  The Purlin head allows you to install wires to bar joists and purlins   The video is worth a look.

Both tools are telescopic.  We handle a 4′-12′. 6′-18′ and a 8′-24′ sizes.  By far the most popular size is the 4′-12′ not only because of the fact that it will fit collapsed in your gang box but for shipping considerations as well.  None of the poles are heavy but the longer poles jump up on UPS oversize ratings.  Usually the 4′-12′ works even if you have to stand a small ladder.

See all of our eye lag poles, accessories and parts on our Eye Lag & Pole page.  You will also see how to videos on the specific pole pages.

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