Hellerman Tyton MMB.50C2 Masonry Tie Mounts


The Hellerman Tyton MMB.50C2 is a handy little mount for any type of masonry material.  The MMB.50C2 will hold a tie wrap with a width of up to .18″ which is a typical width of a 50 lb zip tie typically used in cable management.  The mounting block is 3/8″ of an inch square.  Installation is simple, just drill a 1/4″ hole and tap them in.  While shooting a ceiling clip to the wall maybe faster, there are a few advantages to the masonry tie mount.  First off it is a much cleaner look, with a low profile.  If you have a block wall, shooting does work but you do risk blowing out the block.  You are likely finding a few more jobs were you can’t shoot a P.A.T. as well.

We are offering the MMB.C2 in 100 packs with quantity pricing, listed on our site. If you need larger quantities, please request a quote.  If you haven’t given the Hellerman Tyton MMB.C2 masonry mounts a try, throw a bag in your truck you will find them a handy little item!

MMB.50C2 Masonry Tie Mount

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