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We are very excited to start offering J hook trees and components for cabling installs.  J Hook trees have been around from several manufactures for some time and they offer a nice option to cable tray while still offering a structured system.  The HPH J Hook Tree System uses the HPH series of j hooks which are UL listed, approved for use in air handling spaces, are TIA compliant and feature a built in closure.  They are a hybrid design featuring a metal backbone and a slick plastic shell that is easy on your cable and makes for easy pulling.  They also offer the best fit and finish in the industry.  The HPH J Hook Tree System utilizes a rigid rail drilled with holes allowing for an infinite amount of configurations that will accept a variety of mounting attachments.  The rails come in two widths, one for 1″ & 2″ HPH J Hooks and one for 3″ and 4″ HPH J Hooks.  Now if at this point you are thinking, “big deal, another j hook tree”, please read on as we discuss why the HPH J Hook Tree System is different and how it addresses some of the biggest objections to j hook trees.

Selection. One of the first things I have always noticed on j hook trees is that you are somewhat locked into what the manufacture has decided to make.  That’s not all bad, but what if you want 4 paths on one tree.  Let’s say you have two paths that will fill up two 2″ j hooks and two paths that just have a few cables.  Well guess what, you are going to buy a j hook tree with four 2″ j hooks.  Now that’s not the end of the world but with a flexible system, you can custom build to what you want.  One of the big j hook tree manufactures proudly shows a quad 4″ j hook tree in their literature that shows just such an example.

Lead time.  Holding up a job or having to pay expedited shipping charges because of long lead times is a problem sometimes with j hook trees.  By nature, the HPH J Hook Trees build very fast and we utilize both the factory and our assembly facility to provide fast turn around times.  At times you may save even more time if you buy the components and assemble on the fly.  While I agree it may not be your best use of a skilled tech to assemble a j hook tree but it certainly is better than the job stalling, or paying overnight shipping when the j hooks are finally available.

Cost.  I hate selling on price.  I would much rather sell on service and innovation.  But the fact is, j hook trees are not cheap!  Our j hooks trees really have a great price point.  In addition, the simplicity of the HPH trees means you can save money on inventory.  You can buy a tree with a simple 90 degree mounting angle that would allow you to add hammer on clamps, screw on clamps or even mount with a concrete anchor to the deck.  All of the HPH J Hook Trees are assembled using standard 1/4″-20 hardware so you can easily stock some basics and modify as needed.

We are adding more j hook trees to our site often.   We hope to be adding some demo videos along the way as well and we are always open to new ides.  If you don’t see a configuration that you need, by all means email us or give us a call and we can likely make it happen.   Visit our e-commerce site to learn more!

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