Norseman Vortex Drill Bits


The Vortex series of drill bits from Norseman have a few unique features that you may find helpful in your install and fabricating work.  The most noticeable feature of the bits it the point.  The step shank point serves a few purposes.  First off the shape reduces friction and thus heat which increases tool  life.  Norseman is claiming the bits can last up to four times longer than standard bits.  The tip is also useful when enlarging existing holes.  The bit will center nicely and drill through without damaging the tip of the drill bit.  The step on the smaller bits, say 1/8″ and under is hard to notice so not sure if it is a benefit at the smaller size.   The Norseman Vortex Drill Bits are recommended for cast iron, brass, sheet metal, acrylic, mild steel, copper, and hard steel.  I have heard from a few of our customers that the bits do a nice job on stainless steel as well.

Norseman Vortex Drill Bit Indexes

Norseman Vortex Drill Bits are available on our site as single bits as well as in a couple of different drill bit indexes.  The most popular is the bigger 29 piece set that goes from 1/16″ to 1/2″ by 64ths, part number 22913.  The real draw to the bigger index is the index itself.  One, the blaze orange is easy to find.  Second the Ultra Dex cases from Norseman offer a real advantage over the metal bit index.  They don’t dent or rust like the metal indexes and it is so much easier to get the bits out.  The index seals up tight and has a rubber gasket to keep debris and moister out.  We do stock the smaller 21 piece index as well with sizes 1/16″ to 3/8″ x 64ths.  Most of our customers are buying the 29 piece and then replacing common single bits as necessary.  As for the price; yes they are more expensive than a standard bit, but those that have bought the bits come back for more!  Norseman has always made top quality cutting tools right here in the USA and the Vortex line of bits is no exception.

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