Overhead Fastening With The Ramset Viper 4

We have been selling and servicing the Viper 4 since it was released and so I want to share a little real life info on the tool that will let you know what to expect and get the most out of the tool.

The Ramset Viper 4 Tool is designed specifically for overhead fastening into concrete.  The tool is preferred by many acoustical ceiling contractors as well as electricians, low voltage/data cabling techs and more.  Really any application where you want to suspend something with ceiling grid wire or jack chain the tool would be a natural fit for the tool.  The Ramset Viper 4 tool has a few unique features that you will want to consider.  First off, this is a ceiling only tool.  The tool will not fire in a horizontal position.  The rattle you hear in the tool is actually a ball bearing that will lock the tool from firing unless pointed up.  The Viper 4 uses a proprietary extension pole system.  You need a what is called a trigger or base pole.  From there you can add 3′ extensions to reach the desired height.  The pole tool system is actually very stable and works quite well.  The tool uses a standard .27 caliber strip load and ceiling clips.

As for using the Viper 4 tool, watch the video and note the deliberate action in firing the tool.  Raise the tool to the ceiling, push up on the pole and then slide the trigger sleeve up to fire.  When the tool first came out, we had issues with contractors holding the trigger sleeve and slamming the tool into the ceiling to fire.  This “harpooning” technique as I like to call it just doesn’t work will with the tool.  When you to this the timing of the shot and advance just doesn’t mesh.  Once we cleared that up, our issues went way down.  Another concern would be firing through fire proofing or using more power than necessary.  In both of these situations, you create an overdrive of the piston that can damage the tool.  With the fire or sound proofing, you may want to push the tool up and twist in the material a little to get closer to the deck.  You can also try a longer pin like the SPC114.  Keep in mind that the older Viper pole tools will not operate the Viper 4, you must use the sectional tool, V4-6 or V4-8. To further your reach, use a V4-EXT extension.

Common replacement and are parts for the tool include the piston, buffer and return pawls.  As for the back of the tool, it is simple set up but not simple to work on at all!  Let that to a Ramset service center.  We service the Ramset line at our Plymouth, MN location.

So there you have it.  If you are looking for a lightweight, easy to use ceiling tool that can easily reach even the highest ceiling, consider a Ramset Viper 4.  Keep in mind it is a ceiling only tool, don’t harpoon the ceiling with the tool and make sure you get the correct pole and extension and you will be very happy with the tool.


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