Simpson THD50234RH Rod Hanger For 1/2″ Rod In Concrete


The Simpson-Strongtie THD50234RH rod hanger for 1/2″ rod in concrete is an excellent atlernative for suspening 1/2″ threaded rod in overhead.  If you are dropping 1/2″ rod from concrete overhead for cable tray, fixtures or HVAC applications, this is an anchor you may want to check out.  You may be used to using 1/2″ drop in anchors, drilling a 5/8″ hole and then trying to hammer with the set tool overhead to set the anchor.  I have done it, not fun!  Watch the video on the Simpson THD50234RH rod hanger, it is super easy to install.  Just drill a 3/8″ hole to a minimum depth of 3″, blow the hole and drive in the hanger using an impact driver and a 11/16″ socket.  While the initial cost may be higher than a drop in anchor, you will easily make it up in time, especially when you drop the set tool and have to climb down the ladder and grab it, again.  It is safe to say, you tech’s cost you $1 a minute, likely more.  It won’t take much to recoop cost.

One of the originators of the overhead rod hanger fasteners was Sammy Screws.  While they offer a concrete rod hanger for 1/4″ and 3/8″ threaded rod, they do not have  choice for the 1/2″ rod.  The THD50234RH is desigend arount the tried and true Titen HD series of anchors.  Unlinke the Sammy Screws, you do not need a special driver, just an 11/16″ socket and your impact driver.  This is one of those anchors you may hesitate to try, again, the initial cost is higher, but once you try them, you will keep using them.  They really are much more user friendly!

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