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Looking for a the best price point and options on a UL listed j-hook for you install?  Check out our JH series of j hooks.  The JH series of j hooks is available in 3/4″, 1-5/16″, 2″ and 4″ sizes.  The 3/4″ has a built in closure and the 1-51/16″ and 2″ are now packed with a cable retainer that easily snaps in place.  Check out our catalog for a huge selection of pre built hooks!


You may be familiar with the Rack A Tiers cable dispenser.  These handly little spool supports have been around for years and are favorite of many tradesman in the electrical, security and voice/data fields.  They are super simple and knock down to an easy to store rack, especially important as many service vehicles get smaller and smaller.  But there is so much more to the Rack A Tier line of products.  Their catalog is worth a look for not only some standard tools like fish tapes, fish sticks, benders and drivers but some other really cool items.  For instance, the dust bowl.  A simple flexible bowl that catches debris as you drill overhead.  Or the Ferret Pro camera that will mount on a pull rod to help you see what you are dealing with in confined areas.  The Bumper Balls I didn’t quite grasp until I saw an image of just what they do.  They keep your flexible bits where they belong inside the wall!  A simple but affective solution.

Now I will admit, some of the items in the catalog just don’t do it for me or seem like they are trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.  Still, the catalog is worth a look through.  We will be stocking some basic Rack A Tiers items on our website and will add as the demand is there.  Browse through the Rack A Tiers PDF catalog below and let us know if there is something we can help you with.

Rack A Tier Catalog
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Most cordless tool manufactures are offering a cordless band saw tool kit now.  While some of the smaller units are great for cutting strut ladder rack, rod and small pipe sometimes you need something a little bigger.  The DeWalt deep cut cordless bandsaw offers a 20 volt unit that will cut up to 5”.  This makes it perfect for cutting 4” EMT, schedule 40 PVC up to 4” and more.   These deep cut saws are more money yes but they simply can do more and do it more efficiently.   Consider the blade for instance.  The deep cut DeWalt uses a 44-7/8”  .20 blade.  One complaint we here on the smaller saws is the blade don’t last that long.  Well that is true; the blade is shorter so the teeth have to cut more material each revolution.  Add to that the smaller diameter of the wheels that the blades are turning around and it’s just harder on the blade.  To give you an idea of the blade size, 44-7/8” is the size most cordless portable band saws use.

DeWalt Deep Cut Band Saw
Available at Amazon

You can buy the saw as a kit or as a bare tool if you already have a stack of DeWalt 20 volt batteries lying around.  While we are on the subject of batteries, keep in mind cordless band saws tend to suck a lot of juice.  If you have an option on battery size, lean toward the larger mah battery packs.  Remember while voltage represents power, mah is you gas tank.  So a 2.0 mah battery will give you the same amount of power as an 8.0 mah battery but the 8.0 will run much longer.

If you have been thinking about a cordless band saw, make sure you consider a deep cut like the one DeWalt offers.  They are a little more but when you come up a little bigger cut, you will be glad you did!


The Ramset series of disc tools proved to be a real work horse for years. The D-60 tool kit was
the choice of many electricians as it was quiet and featured a power adjustment. The D-45 tool
was a real brute. With its super tough front end, it was a great tool for general work and held up
very well in difficult situations like shooting foam to concrete foundations, or 2x to steel. The
Autofast tool was a favorite of many framers. The disc series of tools from Ramset has been
out of production for some time and many of the parts have become obsolete. But the old
Ramset guns just keep going! Sadly though, we are coming to the end of the load supply for
the tools. We still have a fair supply of the yellow, but we have exhausted our source for brown,
green and red disc loads. So now what? Below find our recommendations for replacement
tools. You can also shop them at our ecommerce site here.

Ramset Cobra
The Ramset Cobra is a solid time proven design. It is considered a clone of the Hilti DX-350 tool and is fully serviceable. That meansRamset Cobra parts, all the parts are readily available. Please don’t confuse it with the Cobra Plus models you find at the big box stores. Finding parts for these tools is not easy at all. We have the pistons but that is about it. The Cobra tool is a good allaround tool that will handle up to a 3” pin with a washer. Pins and loads are readily available. One application we do not recommend for the tool is fastening foam to foundations. A tool like the Ramset XT540 has a much stronger front end that can handle this overdrive application. The Cobra can be mounted on an extension pole for overhead work but if you shoot any number of hangers overhead, consider the Ramset Viper 4 tool below.

Ramset Viper 4
Ramset Viper 4The Ramset Viper 4 is a powder tool and more of a specialized tool. The tool will only fire to the ceiling and must be used on a pole. If you are an electrician, acoustic contractor, or a low voltage contractor, this would be a good choice for you. Any time you are needing to suspend ceiling lights or cables, this is the way to go. While it can only fire up, you can always add an inexpensive Cobra Ramset when you do need to shoot to the wall or floor. It will use the same pins and loads as your Viper 4.

Ramset RA27
The Ramset RA27 is a production-oriented tool that is a good choice for work like drywall track or other applications where you will be shooting the same size pin over and over again. The optional magazine will handle pins up to 1-5/16”. If you are shooting without the magazine, the RA27 will handle up to a 2” pin with washer. The tool has a power adjustment feature and is nicely balanced for all day use. The tool will also shoot clips and assemblies and can be used on an extension pole. This tool is designed to compete side by side with the popular Hilti DX351 too

Ramset XT540
Ramset XT540This Ramset XT540 tools is a heavy duty tool that can stand up to a lot of hard use. What constitutes hard use? In my experience two applications come to mind. One is shooting a lot of steel. The XT540 has a very strong front end that can take the heavy hit of red loads day in and day out. The second and one that seems to be even harder on a powder actuated tool is shooting foam to concrete. Typically, in this scenario the pin free flights through the foam and you can have a lot of overdrive. This is even more exaggerated when the concrete is very green. The front-end design of the XT540 is made to handle these applications. The tool features a power
adjustment and can be outfitted with a magazine. The longest pin is a 3” with a washer. The longest pin when using the magazine is 1-5/16”.

In Conclusion
So when you finally have to part with your Ramset Disc tool, you have choices. Hopefully one of the tools listed will fit the bill for your application. Visit or e commerce site for a replacement for your faithful old Ramset Disc Tool as well as pins loads and accessories. If you are a contractor and not sure what the best option is, give a call toll free at 1-877-212-2377.


New for your direct fastening application, the Ramset T4SS Tool Kit.  The T4SS replaces the T3SS tool from Ramset, the industy leader.  The T4SS single shot tool uses the same clips and assemblies as the T3SS but the fuel cells and the batteries are a little different.  The  tool features a battery and fuel level monitor so you know where you stand.  The batteries are lithium ion and offer more than 3,000 shots per charge.  The fuel cells are smaller but their size will offer you a little more control over the usage.  Like the T3SS, the Ramset T4SS tool can be used on a pole tool for overhead applications.  Another improvement is a depth adjustment.  A wide variety of pins and assemblies are offered making this the go to tool for electrical, mechanical and low voltage contractors.  No licensing is required to operate the tool.  Add a magnetic probe to shoot the mechanical pins, the fastest way to attach duct strap.  Visit our e-commerce site to shop the tool and supplies.

Learn More About The Ramset T4SS Tool Kit

Learn More About The Ramset T4SS Tool Kit


While you don’t use them as much, 4″ j-hooks are a must have in many data cable installtions.  Many times coming out of the telecom closet you have such a large amount of cable that is simply more4" j-hooks economical to use a larger single hook over a couple of small ones.  The JH hanger series are all UL listed and stamped as such.  Some j-hooks you will see on the market will claim to be UL compliant.  That’s not the same thing.  You will find the JH64 is sturdy enough to handle your larger cable runs, rated at 50lbs.  The hook is available in a variety of different versions including the basic 4″ j hook that has a 1/4″ mounting hole that you can easily mount to many different attachments.  It is also availalbe mounted to a 1/4″ angle bracket and both hammer on and screw type beam clamps for fast secure installations.  The JH64 is also designed to fit with the HPH rail system so you can build j hook trees to your specifications on the fly.  You end up with the configuration you want for your install.  For instance.  Rather than four 4″ j hooks on a tree, you could have a couple of 4″ on the bottom and a couple of 2″ on the top.  You can see a videof how quickly you can build what you want below.

4 inch j-hookWe have always been a company that sells on service and innovation, not price.  But I think you will find the four inch j-hooks we offer fit a very nice price point in comparison to the competition.  The biggest complaint we have had with our j hooks, or for our company for that matter is that we only have the one location!  That is true, however we are still finding that we can often times provide better service across the county than many local suppliers offer.  J-hooks tend to be a last minute thought on many jobs and we get that.  By offering a quality, UL listed 4″ j-hook, the abiltity to customize your install on the fly and offering true customer service, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to have what you need for the job.  See the complete line up of JH series j-hooks here.


If you have an SDS rotary hammer drill and you are looking to drill core holes in masonry, check out the Bosch Speed Core System.  The Bosch Speed core is a two piece system.  First choose the core size you would like to drill.  The cores are available in sizes starting at 1″ and go as large as 4-3/8″.  The cores have a thinner wall than what you would find on a larger SDS MAX core bit.  This creates less resistance and helps the smaller hammer power them.  You will also need to purchas a shank.  The shank has a built in starter bit and you simply screw the core onto the shank.  You can actually unscrew the core and add a different size core.  So in theory, you could have several different core sizes with just the one shank.

A couple of simple things to keep in mind when you are using an SDS core bit.  SDS Rotary hammers have a clutch to protect the user from injury.  If the bit were to bind up in the concrete, the tool will clutch out rather than throw the user off a ladder or injur them.  So if you are using larger size cores, be sure to work slow and let the tool do the work.  It’s a good idea to use an anti seize compound on the threads as after a while, it can be really hard to get the core back off the shank.  Some contractors will use a piece of copper cable wrapped around the shank between the core and where it contacts the shank to make it easier to remove.

What are a few of the applications for using a core bit on your SDS rotary hammer?  The obvious use would be running pipe through a wall and that is one reason we sell a good amount of the 2-9/16″ size that works well for installing 2″ EMT.  Another common use is for drilling holes in slabs for setting railing in concrete.  Certainly there are many more applications.  If you have ever had to drill a bunch of small holes in a wall and then punch out the concrete, you can see how valuable a product

The Relton GRT-3-4 Groo-V carbide tip bits are one of our top selling carbide bits.  They are in such high demand that we have had trouble keeping them in stock.  Many times we get a huge shipment and have sold out in days.  The GRT-3-4 bits are one of the best bits we have found for drilling into hard materials like porcelain, ceramic tiles, marble, brick and other masonry materials.  The grooved, high quality  carbide tip makes this one of the best bits for difficult situations.

The bit can be used in hammer mode or in rotation only mode.  We have had some applications where the bit was used in rotation mode rather than a standard SDS bit as it was simply that much quieter than the pounding of a SDS hammer.  The Relgton Groo-V bits are availalbe in other sizes.  The GRT-3-4 is the most common followed by the GRT-4-4 bit.  5/16″ and 3/8″ are also available.  The biggest challenge we have run into with the bit is keeping enough in stock.  The manufacturing process used on these bits is somewhat tedious.  We have tried other bits from several suppliers but they simply aren’t the same.  How do we know?  We sell to contractors face to face everyday and they have told us in no uncertain terms, they want the Relton Groo-V bits!  Currently we offer the Relton GRT-3-4 and GRT-4-4 online at our ebay outlet store.  Buy an extra pack and order early!


Fastening 2x material to steel is fast and easy with a Ramset, Hilti or other powder actauted tool as long as you keep a few things in mind.  First off, make sure your steel is thick enough to fasten to with a powder actuated tool (P.A.T.).  A good rule of thumb is if the steel is at least as thick as the shank of the pin, you should be good to go.  The pin we recommened for fastening 2x material to steel with a P.A.T. tool is the Ramset SP178 which has a shank diameter of .150 on the thinner part of the shank (about 5/32″).  The steel can be much thicker even 3/4″.  The pin will only go in about 1/2″ if your tool has enough power.  You don’t need to penetrate the steel for full holding power.  Obviously you would want to penetrate thinner steel.  Click here if you would like to see performance in steel.  

You will likely need you highest power level, but for safety sake, start with lower power and work your way up.  As long as we are on safety, any time you fire your P.A.T. keep your safety glasse on and you will for sure want hearing protection when firing to steel.  If fastening 2x to steel on a regular basis, I would recommend a tool like the Ramset XT540 or the Simpson PTP27.  Both tools have a well built front end which will hold up to heavy hit of shooting to steel.

If you are looking for a fast way to fasten 2x material to steel using a Hilti, Ramset or other powder actuated tool really does work well.  Keep in mind the requirements mentioned above as well as taking the proper safety precautions and you will be pleasantly suprprised how well it works.  You can find the Ramset SP178 pin for fastening 2x material to steel here.

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