If you have an SDS rotary hammer drill and you are looking to drill core holes in masonry, check out the Bosch Speed Core System.  The Bosch Speed core is a two piece system.  First choose the core size you would like to drill.  The cores are available in sizes starting at 1″ and go as large as 4-3/8″.  The cores have a thinner wall than what you would find on a larger SDS MAX core bit.  This creates less resistance and helps the smaller hammer power them.  You will also need to purchas a shank.  The shank has a built in starter bit and you simply screw the core onto the shank.  You can actually unscrew the core and add a different size core.  So in theory, you could have several different core sizes with just the one shank.

A couple of simple things to keep in mind when you are using an SDS core bit.  SDS Rotary hammers have a clutch to protect the user from injury.  If the bit were to bind up in the concrete, the tool will clutch out rather than throw the user off a ladder or injur them.  So if you are using larger size cores, be sure to work slow and let the tool do the work.  It’s a good idea to use an anti seize compound on the threads as after a while, it can be really hard to get the core back off the shank.  Some contractors will use a piece of copper cable wrapped around the shank between the core and where it contacts the shank to make it easier to remove.

What are a few of the applications for using a core bit on your SDS rotary hammer?  The obvious use would be running pipe through a wall and that is one reason we sell a good amount of the 2-9/16″ size that works well for installing 2″ EMT.  Another common use is for drilling holes in slabs for setting railing in concrete.  Certainly there are many more applications.  If you have ever had to drill a bunch of small holes in a wall and then punch out the concrete, you can see how valuable a product

The Relton GRT-3-4 Groo-V carbide tip bits are one of our top selling carbide bits.  They are in such high demand that we have had trouble keeping them in stock.  Many times we get a huge shipment and have sell out in days.  The GRT-3-4 bits are one of the best bits we have found for drilling into hard materials like porcelain, ceramic tiles, marble, brick and other masonry materials.  The grooved, high quality  carbide tip makes this one of the best bits for difficult situations.

The bit can be used in hammer mode or in rotation only mode.  We have had some applications where the bit was used in rotation mode rather than a standard SDS bit as it was simply that much quieter than the pounding of a SDS hammer.  The Relgton Groo-V bits are availalbe in other sizes.  The GRT-3-4 is the most common followed by the GRT-4-4 bit.  5/16″ and 3/8″ are also available.  The biggest challenge we have run into with the bit is keeping enough in stock.  The manufacturing process used on these bits is somewhat tedious.  We have tried other bits from several suppliers but they simple aren’t the same.  How do we know?  We sell to contractors face to face everyday and they have told us in no uncertain terms, they want the Relton Groo-V bits!  Currently we offer the Relton GRT-3-4 and GRT-4-4 online at our ebay outlet store.  Buy an extra pack and order early!


Fastening 2x material to steel is fast and easy with a Ramset, Hilti or other powder actauted tool as long as you keep a few things in mind.  First off, make sure your steel is thick enough to fasten to with a powder actuated tool (P.A.T.).  A good rule of thumb is if the steel is at least as thick as the shank of the pin, you should be good to go.  The pin we recommened for fastening 2x material to steel with a P.A.T. tool is the Ramset SP178 which has a shank diameter of .150 on the thinner part of the shank (about 5/32″).  The steel can be much thicker even 3/4″.  The pin will only go in about 1/2″ if your tool has enough power.  You don’t need to penetrate the steel for full holding power.  Obviously you would want to penetrate thinner steel.  Click here if you would like to see performance in steel.  

You will likely need you highest power level, but for safety sake, start with lower power and work your way up.  As long as we are on safety, any time you fire your P.A.T. keep your safety glasse on and you will for sure want hearing protection when firing to steel.  If fastening 2x to steel on a regular basis, I would recommend a tool like the Ramset XT540 or the Simpson PTP27.  Both tools have a well built front end which will hold up to heavy hit of shooting to steel.

If you are looking for a fast way to fasten 2x material to steel using a Hilti, Ramset or other powder actuated tool really does work well.  Keep in mind the requirements mentioned above as well as taking the proper safety precautions and you will be pleasantly suprprised how well it works.  You can find the Ramset SP178 pin for fastening 2x material to steel here.

We know that once you see our HPH series J-hooks first hand, you will recognize that they offer the best fit and finish in the industry.  UL listed for air handling spaces and TIA compliant.  Available in 1″,2″,3″ & 4″ sizes in a variety of colors.  Aslo available pre assembled to clips, beam clamps, trees and more.  Request your sample by clicking the button below and enter sample HPH in the notes.

Sammy X-Press XPKIT Install Tool.  Now you can install the Sammy X-Press anchors from the floor with the Sammy XPKIT set.  Now, right from the start, I want to warn you, the kit is expensive but please read on before you give up.  The first time you bought Sammy Express anchors you were shocked at the price as well but now you buy them by the case.  They save so much time and money and so will the XPKIT tool.  Considering what you pay for a lift rental for a couple of days, not to mention the delivery charge as well as the safety factor, the tool ends up being free after a use.  So here how it works.

The kit comse with just the fittings for a pole tool.  The pole it self you supply, standard 3/4″ EMT.  You can cut it to lenght or if you need a longer pole than, a coupling is included to join two pieces of EMT.  The video runs through it very will.  Simply attach the fittings to each end of the EMT and you the Sammy XKPIT is ready to roll.  There are fittings to make one pole tool with a drill bit and one with the driver.  Now your install process is pretty much like you would do with a standard XPIT tool, just on a pole.  Drill your hole with the drill pole then switch to the driver pole, add your all thread to the Sammy Express anchor and install.  The little arm on the driver will stop at the rib of the deck and the anchor will set.  Again, the vidoe shows it really well.  The install tool will work with both the standard and the swivel versison.

Anyone who has used the Sammy Exprss anchors realize what a great anchor it really is.  Your installed cost versus using strut, beam clamps and miscellaneous hardware is much lower.  Add the Sammy X-Press XPKIT pole tool set and save even more.  Find the Sammy Express anchors and tool kits on our e-commerce site here.

Fastening to bar joists, I beams or any type of flange is easy with a hammer on flange clip or beam clamp. These fasteners are often referred to as a smash or hammer on beam clamps or clips. There are a few variations available depending on your application. Whatever the application, knowing the thickness of the flange will help you select the right size clip or clamp. If you are mounting to a bar joist, likely a 1/8″ to 1/4″ sized clip will work. The next most common would be sized for thicker flanges like I beams sized at 5/16″ to 1/2″.

If you are doing something simple like suspending grid wire or jack chain for lighting or signage etc., a simple hammer on clip like our HOK24 or HOK58 will do the job. Both have a 1/4″ hole for an S hook, tie wrap or up to a 1/4″ bolt. You can use these for mounting j hooks but you will be limited to running with the iron. Read more below on the hammer on beam clamps if you want to run against or at a diagonal across the iron.

If you would like to mount a bridle ring, box, j hook, fixture or drop a 1/4″ rod, the FM24 or FM58 would do the trick. These are similar to the basic hammer on clips but they have a stamped 1/4″ threaded impressions to mount to. You will find these being used on many hammer on j hooks currently available. These clamps actually have two 1/4″ threaded impressions, one on the horizontal and one on the vertical making them a versatile little clamp. If you use a j hook with an angle bracket and mount to the bottom of these hammer on clamps, you will have the ability to rotate your cable hook 360 degrees to run with or against the layout of the iron or even at a diagonal.

A third option that is very popular with the low voltage and data cabling technician is the HOKFMP hammer on clamp. These clamps have a wide grip range, from 1/8″ to 1/2″ and have both a 10-24 and a 1/4-20 threaded impression. They will also accommodate most drive rings. We move a ton of these to match up to our bridle rings.

Hammer on clamps and clips are very useful little pieces of hardware, that will increase your flexibility. With their relatively low cost, it is easy to justify having a few on hand.  Visit our webstore shop our line of hammer on beam clamps, clips and more.

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Check out the full line HPH Catalog.  The HPH line of J-Hooks offer the best fit and finish in j hook supports for cable.  The HPH is UL listed, TIA compliant and approved for air handling spaces.  Available in 1″, 2″, 3″ & 4″ sizes and feature a built in latch.  Check out the wide variety of applications you can handle with the HPH.  From red iron bar joists, purlin flanges, I beams, concrete ceilings and more, you will find an HPH assembly for the job.  Now available in colors to separate out specific runs or purposes.

Construction Fastening Systems deals with all of the trades but we have a very strong prescence in the voice/data, security and low voltage trades.  We didn’t set out to be there, but customer requests made it clear that there was a need for it.  Over the years we have worked with many voice/data contractors to solve their install issues.  So whether you are looking for a very basic cable support or a way to mount that support, we likely have what you are looking for.  Below you will find some key products for the cabling trades.  If you run into a difficult application, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-877-212-2377 or contact us via our contact page.  We would be happy to help!


Basic J-Hooks.  For years we had requests for j hooks from our customers.  Finally one of our suppliers a produced a generic UL listed j hook in the standard sizes.  Available in 3/4″, 1-5/16″, 2″ and 4″ sizes. These continue to be one of our best sellers.  They are available in a variety of configurations to fit your install.  They have a great price point and as a day in day out cable support, they will save you money.  While most of our customers are using hook and loop to secure the bundles, a plastic retainer is available for the 1-5/16″ and 2″ sizes.

The Arlington Loop.  The Arlington Loop is a plastic hanger approved for use in air handling spaces.  We were one of the first distributors in the midwest to champion the loop.  The Loop is available in a 2″, 2-1/2″ and 5″ size.  Cost and flexibility is one of the reasons why the Arlington Loop has been a big mover for us. We make a few different custom versions including one with a hammer on clamp for flanges and beams as well as one with a multi clip or bat wing for grabbing on to grid wire.  We do a lot with nation wide rollout projects that we build the hammer on version by the pallet.  Learn more about the Arlington Loop here.

Pre-tied Ceiling Clips.  This is another product a customer begged us to make for him.  He needed 300 to suspend a cable run.  Well we gave in and now we tie thousands upon thousands!  Many are shooting up a grid wire and then twisting on a j-hook or Arlington Loop.  Some are adding a second cable hanger up the grid with a bat wing or multi clip.  Shipping can be a challenge.  We encourage you to buy in packs of 200 as the shipping is virtually the same.  A second option for you is to buy one of our hand wire twisters and make what you need as you go.  A word of caution.  If you are tying on clips for your Ramset or Hilti tool, make sure you use a quality clip like the Ramset SPC78 or SPC114 for a better “stick” rate.  You can find them here.


What Is Direct Fastening Anyway? Direct fastening is the process of forcing a stud or nail into concrete and steel.  It is direct in that it eliminates any pre-drilling or tightening to expand an anchor.  The most common form of direct fastening still has to be forcing a pin into concrete to fasten 2x material or metal studs for drywall. 


If you are looking for extra long self drilling screws, often called TEK screws, you know that after about a 2″ length they can be hard to find.  Most big box stores will handle some of the smaller sizes but some applications will call for a longer screw.  For instance, you may be fastening foam to steel or you are going through a void before you hit the steel you need to attach to.  Whatever the case, sometimes you simply need a longer length self driller.  We stock #14 self drillers or TEKS in lengths up to 8″.  Usually with the longer screws you will only find them in #14 diameter.  The drill point is a #3 which has a drill drill capacity .060 – .220.  Correct socket size for the # 14 self driller is 3/8″.    If you are going to thicker steel, say 3/16″ or more you would need a screw with a #5 point.  From time to time we get stock of 10″ screws when we do a mill run.  We have a few customers that buy pallets at a time and so when they order, we add a few cases for our stock but when they sell out, we need to wait for the next big order.  There are a lot of self driller screws online to choose from.  We are proud to offer a top quality self driller you can rely on.  We don’t just sell them online, we sell them face to face to our contractors.  Rest assured, if they don’t like the quality, we will here about it!  We have been supplying these screws for decades.    On our site you will find the longer hex self drill screws set up in packages of 100 or 50 depending on the lengths.  If you have a need for larger quantities, feel free to email us for case or pallet pricing.  Shop our extra long self drillers here.

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