Magnetic J-Hooks For Cable Installation


Magnetic j-hooks for cable installation have been around for a while now but we feel they have just gotten better.  The HPH J-Hook is now available pre assembled to the powerful PM90 magnet making for a magnetic j-hook with the fit, finish and performance to bring your install the next level.  The HPH series of j-hooks are a hybrid with a metal backbone and a smooth plenum rated surface with built in closure.  They are both UL listed and completely TIA compliant to protect your cable.  The PM90 magnet can achieve up to a 90 lb breakaway strength, the thicker the metal the better.   There is a top mount set up for overhead applications and a side mount version.  Both are available in 1″ and 2″ sizes.  We pack them out 10 per pack.  Standard color is white but other colors are available including red, blue, green, yellow and black.

So now a fair question, “why would I use a magnetic j-hook, they are more money?”   Let’s take a look at a few areas where the extra money will save you money in the long run.

magnetic j-hooks

Temporary Cable Support.  There are applications on your projects where you cable placement will be temporary.  With a magnetic j-hook, you can pull off and move the run with ease.  We even have electricians using them to hold temporary lighting and power out of the way while they make a change.  Install is super fast and if it is temporary so you may find your self pulling the j hooks and bringing the with you to the next job. Think of them as a tool.  You can also use them as a temporary support when working in active warehouse.  Click magnetic j-hook on the racking and keep your cords off the floor for a safer work environment and add life to your cords.

In Sensitive Environments.  You may come across situations where your mounting options are limited.  For instance you have metal structure that you can not drill for one reason or another.  At times a beam clamp mount point isn’t easy to reach or the flange is to thick for a 1/4″ beam clamp to mount to.  Or it may simply be that drilling into steel isn’t an option.  You may find a magnetic HPH J-hook may be the answer here.

In And Around Machinery.  One of my customers ran into a manufacturing install where they needed to run cable along a conveyor system.  They customer would not allow any drilling or clamping to the conveyor, so the magnetic hanger worked excellent.  There are many industrial applications for a j-hook with a magnet.  As a matter of fact, if you give your building maintenance tech some of these hooks, he will find a  use and beg for more!

While magnetic j-hooks will likely never be the first choice when you are installing cable, knowing a little about them may just help you out on your next install.  You can see our HPH Magnetic J-Hooks along with our entire line of cable supports, specialty tools and fasteners on our e-commerce site

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