Tamper Resistant Security Screws For Faceplates


From time to time you will need tamper resistant or security type screws for your faceplates, outlet covers wall jacks etc.  If you ever noticed your faceplate screws, you will see while they are counter sunk they are what is called an oval head screw.  From the side profile, they raise up a little in the middle.  Tamper proof screws for faceplates that are the oval head profile are somewhat limited in drive choices and sizes.  So if you can’t find the oval head, a flat head security screw will seat into the counter sunk recess in the faceplate, the profile just is a little different.  If you look around, you will see that flat head security screws are used all the time.  Most of the time when a security screw is used for these type of applications, it is industrial or institutional so notice isn’t usually given.

tamper proof security faceplate screws

There are a few common types of tamper resistant screws in use.  Most common is the torx security type which is a torx drive with a pin in the middle.  Usually a faceplate screw is a 6-32 thread and if you are using a flat torx security screw, you would likely use the #T-10 with the recess for the pin.  Another very common tamper proof screw is the spanner or snake eyes. Basically it is just two pin holes in the screw head.   Again assuming we are using a  a 6-32 faceplate security screw your driver tip would be a #6 spanner.

Most of the security screws you will find for faceplates will be a stainless steel finish.  You may be able to find zinc here and there but most manufactures are doing a stainless steel version to cover most applications with just one SKU.  Where a standard faceplate screw is usually very short like 5/16″, it is more likely if you are looking for a tamper resistant version, you will find them a little longer,  3/4″ and 1″ being common.  Again, it’s easier to to take more of a one size fits most approach when you are looking at stocking issues.  Longer sizes are available if you have a recessed box.

We are just starting to add tamper resistant fasteners to our site.  To be honest, we are in the learning stage, gauging what our customers are using and preferences.  We have partnered with a supplier that is all about tamper resistant security fasteners including faceplate screws, concrete screws, concrete anchors and more.  They really carry an extensive line so if you have a specific application, email us your needs.  To see our current offerings of tamper resistant security screws for faceplates, wall jacks, outlet covers etc. click here.

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